AGRITURISMO ZAGARE | Between Vignanotica and Baia delle Zagare

Between the green of the olive trees and Aleppo pines and the vast expanse of the blue sea and sky, the Agriturismo Zagare looks out over two of the most beautiful and admired bays of the Gargano: Baia delle Zagare with its characteristic standing rocks and the Baia Vignanotica with its spectacular white cliffs veined with silycon that plunge into the sea.

Between Mattinata and Vieste,in the heart of the Gargano National Park,the Agriturismo Zagare is located at 200m above sea level,on the slopes of Monte Barone. Here one finds an ideal micro climate where the sea breeze carries the scent of orange blossom and rosemary and in the calm of the evening the air is impregnated with the fresh essence of Aleppo pine and the Mediterranean maquis.

We offer our guests the experience of living, in perfect armony with nature , in one of the most suggestive,unspoilt and uncontaminated areas of the Gargano.
The Agriturismo Zagare offers two or three rooms apartements that feature a spacious kitchen,living room,one or two bedroom and bathroom.

  • Monte Barone

    Unspoilt and uncontaminated ,the Monte Barone biogenetic nature reserve dominates the Baia delle Zagare and covers an area of 124 hectares as a part of the Gargano National Park. Established in 1977 to maintain the Mediterranean eco-system, the Park protects the genetic properties of the Aleppo pine and the native mediterranean maquis and safeguards a habitat of outstanding natural beauty.

    Baia delle Zagare o dei Mergoli

    Two famous standing rocks emerge from the sea like two sentinels in front of Baia dei Mergoli , become famous as Baia delle Zagare. Rays of sunshine give this bay a unique atmosphere . Sea water appears intense blue colored with the smell of the salty water blending with sharp scent of rosemary and aleppo pines.



    Loc. Monte Barone
    Mattinata (Fg) - Gargano - ITALY
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